Conferences, Book Readings, and Interviews

Conferences since publication

American Association for the Advancement of Science, Annual Meeting, Washington DC, March 2

IRAS Conference, Star Island, June 24 – July 1 

Chautauqua Summer Conference, July 1 – July 8 

Reading at Chilmark library, August 9 at 5p

UUA General Assembly Pittsburg June 21-24

Book Readings

Left Bank Books, St. Louis MO, April 6, 6p

Edgartown MA Library, March 11, 4:30-5:30p

West Tisbury MA Library, March26, 1:30 – 2:30p

Aquinnah MA Library July 13, 5p

Chilmark MA Library, August 9, 5p

Oak Bluffs MA, Featherstone Center for the Arts, August 31, 4p (with Robin Wall Kimmerer) Description

Other interviews since publication

Exploring Religious Naturalist Perspectives

Eco For Justice Dialog

Jeremy Lent in Conversation with Ursula Goodenough

Psychology Today Interview

Interview With Michael Shermer

SoundCloud: Nature Revisited

Dr. Ursula Goodenough on Science and Spirituality

Animal Wellness Action Podcast

Humanize Me

Deeptime Network

Accidental Gods or


Washington Magazine

Tiny Living Beings Podcast

Planet Critical Religious Naturalism | Ursula Goodenough: On finding a story to unite humankind (podcast)