Conferences, Book Readings, and Interviews

In-Person Presentations, 2023

(presentations of first edition are listed here

American Association for the Advancement of Science, Annual Meeting, Washington DC, March 2

Edgartown MA Library, March 15

West Tisbury MA Library, March26

Left Bank Books, St. Louis MO, April 6 

Sermon, First UU Church in Boston, April 9

Sermon, UU Fellowship, Chautauqua NY, July 2

Aquinnah MA Library July 13

Chilmark MA Library, August 9

Featherstone Center for the Arts, Oak Bluffs MA August 31 (with Robin Wall Kimmerer) 

Sermon, UU Society Martha’s Vineyard Sept 24

Maria’s Bookshop, Durango CO Nov 7 


On-Line Presentations

Journey of the Universe

Journey seminar, Estes Park

Temple of Understanding

Deep Transformation Network

Psychology Today/Bekoff


Nature Revisited 

Earth & Spirit Center

HEC, St. Louis Each ~ 10 minutes

HEC, St. Louis

HEC, St. Louis

Animal Wellness or 

Humanize Me, Bart Compalo

Deeptime Network, Jennifer Morgan

Accidental Gods, Manda or 

Redditt, Ask Me Anything


Washington Magazine 

Tiny Living Beings 

Planet Critical 

IRAS Webinar 

Counterpoint: Navigating Knowledge 

The Dissenter—The-Sacred-Depths-of-Nature-How-Life-Has-Emerged-and-Evolved-e243lm5 

Counterpoint (with Terry Deacon)


FORUM 2023 (with Robin Wall Kimmerer and Carol Wayne White) 

Creation Spirituality Global Kinship

Four Corners Arts Forum, KDUR