Peter Mayer “Thank you, Ursula Goodenough, for telling us the science-based story of life on earth and the wonders of our universe in a way that brings them down to the level of our hearts, and deeper still, to the very place from where our prayers come. 

Singer/songwriter, composer of “Blue Boat Home.”

Bill Mckibben “I am so glad this important book is being revised for our time. It is wise, calm, and compassionate; it treats us as the mature, complex, and fascinating creatures that we are, and in so doing helps point the way towards a future where we act together far better than at present.

Founder of and author of The Flag, the Cross, and the Station Wagon: A Graying American Looks Back at his Suburban Boyhood and Wonders What the Hell Happened

Mary Evelyn Tucker:  “Goodenough gives us a new bridge between science and religion that is both eloquent and elegant. She offers us the poetry, power, and passion of her vision of nature, a vision born from scientific knowledge, nurtured by religious sensibility, and inspired by nature itself. Such a pathbreaking interdisciplinary work illumines the way for each of us – embracing an ecomorality that is comprehensive and compelling.”

School of the Environment and Forum on Religion and Ecology, Yale University, co-producer of the film Journey of the Universe

Richard Wrangham: “What a beautiful, lyrical, lively, fascinating and outstanding book. Delightful to read. Awesome achievement.”

Human Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University, author of The Goodness Paradox: The Strange Relationship Between Virtue and Violence in Human Evolution